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December 4, 2008

For you Doyle!

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Don’t tell about this site to ANYONE at work! I will kill you or post about your pseudo GF!!!!


April 14, 2008

I am bored

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I have no work; I mean I do but it’s not satisfactory. I have realized why I feel so frustrated, it’s not because I am not doing anything substantial but its because I am not really responsible for anything that I do, except maybe few stuff. Most of the days, as I have no work, I am being handed over stuff that needs to be finished and there is no resource available. I feel a bit of a failure, it’s really sad. I am smart and better than the shit that I am doing, so it’s really annoying that I am stuck here, but no worries, I have started the process of looking around, hopefully that turns out good.

March 4, 2008

“Have a nice Day”

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There is a huge dis-advantage being a woman in professional world and no, I am not talking about the career ladder but even a bigger issue which might lead to you not being promoted: HANDBAGS!

Yes, it sounds absurd but I have a very valid reason and I have totally worked this out. Every time I come in late to office, everyone notices that I came in late (and I mean everyone, ppl who are not even in your team – who should just f*ck off) because I have a purse on me. When a guy walks in, there are lot of reasons why he might be coming in or going out: He went to the loo, went smoking downstairs, was in a meeting, went for a coffee break: because he is not carrying anything with him (almost all the times).

For a woman, majority of the time she carries her handbag when she is going out of the office. In my case, either when I come in or when I leave. Not even for lunch, as I just take my wallet there. When I go to the loo, I usually (99% of the time) don’t take my purse. So, even if I have the sternest of the face, with no expression of Joy for leaving for the day, its obvious that I am going home.

Why is it a problem? Well, you get noticed. Most bosses say that they care about the type of work you do, but many colleagues and some bosses also care what time you are coming in and going. Especially if you are the only one who comes in late!

I propose that all women in the professional world start taking their purses wherever they go, even if its to a meeting! We have to work together to overcome this issue! Soon, everyone will be confused when they see you with your purse. Is she going to the loo? Could it be the meeting? Ah, most probably she is coming back from the printer room. Yes, its achievable!

So the next time you go to the loo with a purse at 6:30 in the evening (coz that has your face wash and make-up), nobody will assume that you are going back home, nobody will dare say “Cya, have a nice day”; They will think that most probably you are going to the loo to wash your face, as you have a pimple the size of 1 carat diamond!

February 27, 2008

Foosball Queen!

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Say hello to Foosball Queen – ME!

Well, at-least foosball  queen within my team. I, single-handedly beat 2 guys (both at same time) 10 -6 at Foosball. I am still too over-joyed to mind stupid task that I am working on currently.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray, who introduced me to Foosball, was sometimes patient enough to tell me little tricks ( ok, maybe a lot patient ) ;To my bf, for making sure that I eat enough so that I have enough strength to reach this status; My team members, without their in-efficiency and lack of technique and lack of competency, I wouldn’t have accomplished this BIG feat.

Umm.. My company, for having a Foosball table at work – They are really not that bad! (actually this is the best firm I have worked in, but still I love complaining). Ooh! Also, my parents, sisters and friends for being by my side during good and bad days!

😀 Soz, went off a bit there! 😉

January 28, 2008

Managing Emotions

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I have been told time and again that I need to manage my emotions and I agree. they are always running high! Off late, I am trying a lot harder tho, esp in Professional environment.

Recently, during my performance appraisal I was told that the reason why I am not getting a higher grade is because as I agreed I was a de-motivated 6 months back. hold your horses there! I was de-motivated yes! I wasn’t going out of my way to volunteer myself and do beyond my job! But i was performing. I was doing what was required and on top of that the next 5 months i was very good! So penalizing me for telling the truth and for being open was wrong; I feel that my managers used me to set an example. I don’t blame them they needed some naive honest girl like me, but my respect for them went down.

Nowadays I am comparatively less emotional, but I think its a long road….. (good luck to me!)

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