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March 7, 2008

Pixel Junk Monsters – Overview

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I get loads of hits from ‘Pixel Junk Monsters’ Search (well some!), so I decided to put a detailed (own ;)) version of its FAQ. Most of the info is from pixelJunk, GameSpot, GameFAQs sites; I just consolidated all in one. I will try to keep updating this with tips as and when I find more info and time.

I am not very good at the game myself but for those beginners, this might be helpful 🙂


There are total of 20 levels: 5 Easy, 8 Medium and 7 Hard. Each level has a special level which gives you power – after you complete the level.


Easy Special ( From all sides ) – gives you speed Potionspeed.jpg. With this potion, you can run by holding (X). Else you crawl – its very slow!

Medium Special (Lines of attack ) – gives you a remote mine mine.jpg. With this, you can detonate a mine remotely – use (Π) [the box button] to place and then again to detonate the mine. This is very powerful – as it works against all type of monsters. I usually place it near the flock; but this takes 5 Gems.

Hard Special ( Eruption Destruction ) – gives you lightning. Needs 15 gems and 500 points to build, only useful at the last level.

The Plot
The game is placed on a tropical island, with little villages and its attacked by monsters (of different types); you are the village chief (for the longest of time i thought it was a tortoise running on two feet!) and your j0b is to protect your flock which are stationed near the base by building towers that will attack the monsters as they make their way toward your base. You create Indestructible Towers to kill the monsters. Every time a monster gets to your base, you loose a baby; If all babies are gone – the level is over, you need to try again.

If all your babies survive, then you get a RAINBOW. There are loads of locked walls on the island, the rainbow can be used to unlock these walls.

1 Rainbow.....Unlock doorway to Special 1 forest
2 Rainbows....Unlock doorway to medium forests
5 Rainbows....Unlock doorway to Special 2 forest
7 Rainbows....Unlock doorway to hard forests
8 Rainbows....Unlock doorway to final forest (Hard 6)
10 Rainbows...Unlock doorway to Special 3 forest

Waves: Each game has waves, (easy ones 10 waves, hard and medium 20 waves). Each waves brings different type of monsters. you can see whats the next type of monster in the wave bar.


Items and Characters

Before I talk about the defense Towers, best to talk about the items.

coin.jpgCoins – Need to get new tower!

gen.jpgGems – Need to unlock new tower and to upgrade towers; Also used for mines.

base.jpg Base & Flock – babies you are saving


Ground (Gorilla, Panda, Spider)

gorilla.jpg pandas.jpg spider.jpg

Air (bee, Bat, Helicopter)

bees.jpg bars.jpg helicopters.jpg

Special Monsters

redglazw.jpg Magic Shield: Monsters with Red Glow are resistant to advanced Towers, use Basic ones! (see below for Tower)

greenshield.jpg Physical Shield: Green glow monsters have extra power, need Advanced Towers to kill them!

iceshiedl.jpg Ice shield: Blue Glow – ice towers don’t work on them. Use Fire on this!


final wave bring either of these three boss monster.

boss1.jpg The Gold one can be killed with fire or cannon.

boss3.jpg This one is easy to kill, but sometimes smart to use shortest path, use fire, cannon, arrows.

boss2.jpg the worst of all bosses, too fast, too strong, use combination of fully upgraded cannons, fire (loads of them)

The Towers
There are 3 Basic towers and 7 advanced towers. Basic Towers are available all time, advanced towers you need to unlock with the help of gems. Each tower cost different gems to unlock, and coins to build. Each tower can attack air monsters, ground monsters or all type of monsters.

Towers can only be built on a Tree, so place them effectively.

topup.jpg Upgrade: You need to upgrade your towers to get more power/speed/range/ spread. To upgrade, either stand on it or use gems.

hive.jpg ice.jpg lightning.jpg (Hive, Ice and something… t0tal useless!)

Some of the useful towers’ details:


Scoring System

  • End of each wave gives you interest (5% or something) on your gold coins, so make sure you collect all the gold coins before the wave ends
  • Each gem gives you 100 points.
  • When you clear a wave
    • 10 points per flock alive
    • 100 points bonus, if all live
    • 1o points if you killed all monsters
  • Perfect clearance gives you 1000 point bonus

Gems: Selling Purple Flag (3rd upgraded tower) gives you 1 gem, Selling Black Flag tower (fully upgraded) gives you 2 gems


Other than the type of towers to build for each monster, also note: (Sorry, not that many tips!)

  • There is no difference in the game even if its one player or two players – so one player game gets VERY Hard.
  • …to continue 😛

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