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July 27, 2011

New Resolutions

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It is such a beautiful day here in Singapore. It started with a very heavy downpour ( I know some people hate it, but I love it.) and now it is quite bright and sunny. I was re-reading some of the posts posted few years back and I have realised that I tend to focus on the negatives, at-least when I blog, which is alright, except for the part that I start using this platform to rant and rant only.

So, in the spirit of beautiful days, I have decided to be more positive (especially while blogging). And in the spirit of making new resolution, I have decided to make another resolution, and that is to NEVER sign up for a package for any service.

I went to a nail parlour yesterday and signed up a package, this is after my previous package expired at another nail parlour because I didn’t use it. I spend so much money buying packages because I think this will save me money but in reality I end up spending more.

So, no new packages and no more negative blogging ( maybe not as often )



July 26, 2011

Bakeries, Services and such

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I have been craving for a cake the whole day. Finally caved in and bought me an Oreo cheesecake, which was heavenly.

Although, the woman at the bakery shop was the finest example of the usual service in Singapore. If you are not clear what that means then let me say it out loud, she was a Bitch.

I wanted to share the cake with a friend and asked her If she could cut it for me. And she told me that she can’t, as they don’t have knives due to “hygiene purpose”. What are you trying to say, you don’t know how to clean a knife?

Anyways, she handed me fork and said I can do it myself. Alright, I take off the plastic around the slice, put it aside and was just cutting it when she tells me that the dustbin is over there, pointing to some random direction in the distance. Argh, I know, let me cut the bloody cake and I will be on my way. No thanks to you!

This wasn’t all of it but to say the least, she just thought it’s her job to ensure I understand that she can only do two things, take money and put the cake in a box.

I know I shouldn’t expect more but is it really hard to expect people to talk to you rather snap at you? I don’t mind being told something can’t be done or something you wont do; I do mind how you say it. Sigh.

The cake made it up for the whole experience (or lack of).


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