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February 10, 2009


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“Patience is a virtue”, Or so everyone says. Is it really a virtue? Is it really necessary to be patient?

I think patience is overrated. When you want something to happen and it doesn’t, the only thing you get is doubt. Patience makes you question your faith, your ability; gives you depression, tension, irritation, high blood pressure and desire to kill!



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Around 10 years ago, when I was new to the Singapore’s MRT system, I used to get frustrated over the confusion of where I am. It’s hard to believe but I used to doze off during the long ride and couldn’t get my bearing for some time. I used to think why can’t they just put a LED system instead of a plain map. It would be so much easier just to find out where one is.

So, after few years (i think in 2000) they came up with new MRTs with speaker announcement. They wasted millions of dollars to fix all the MRT and personally I feel you can hardly understand the woman. It all sounds grumbled.

So, I was quite pleased to see the first MRT today with LED. It is so much more efficient. It tells you which side door is gonna open and stuff. If only they had done this long ago rather than investing in stupid projects like announcements. *rolls eyes*

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