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January 2, 2009

My China Trip

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..was awesome! There were glitches but I think I am generally satisfied. I think, my bf and I reached a different level of understanding, restored faith and bla bla bla , was great!

China is different than what I expected – more colder, more polluted, more advanced, more free, more organized. I love how much thought has been paid to infrastructure, public transport there. Its not good as Singapore but its 1o times better than Malaysia, maybe even 100. I always compared China to India, in my mind they were at a similar level but thats not at all the case. India needs another decade to be where China is today. This makes one wonder if practising democracy is the way to go, but thats a different discussion all together.

My bf’s mum is very young-at-heart type, it was great spending time with her. She is also half my size :-$ This has given me a whole new motivation to loose those extra 8 kilos!

Food was awesome. I ate so many yummy varities, which you can’t find in Singapore. 

On another note, I didn’t get all those fancy clothes tailored. All those hopes and dreams – all shattered! Infact, I must be the only person who didn’t buy anything in China. I just bought some jackets, purses and boots and nothing else 😦  Malls in Shanghai are somewhat same priced as Singapore, so somehow I wasn’t really tempted. The fake goods were all winter style, which is of no use. So ended up buying nothing much.

I guess next time I will do more research before I leave 😉


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