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December 11, 2008

China-Made Wish List!

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So, I am heading to Shanghai over christmas and everyone tells me you can get tailor made stuff. All you need to do is show them the design. I have found so many clothes I want.

Think went a bit overboard though 😛


Real Bowling vs Wii Bowling

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I finally went for real bowling ( non-drunk ) and it was an eye-opener:

  1. The balls are heavy!!!!
  2. They don’t curl by themselves!
  3. It’s f*ing hard. I kept missing hitting anything.
  4. Throwing the ball with two hands work real well!

I am seriously good at wii bowling, i mean not that bad, I can easily score about 119 in Wii Bowling. I only scored 9 in the real bowling :-$ I have decided to practice real bowling!

The only way I could score in real-bowling:

  dsc01166  dsc01165

December 8, 2008

Women’s Murder Club

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If you are a fan of James Patterson, you must watch it! Its based on the series, with the same name, by James Patterson.

I am so hooked onto it at the moment. I wasn’t even aware that there was a TV adaptation of the series, I stumbled upon it by mistake. The tv show in itself is not so bad, I am on my 10th episode and just can’t wait to finish it all : )

December 4, 2008

For you Doyle!

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Don’t tell about this site to ANYONE at work! I will kill you or post about your pseudo GF!!!!

Singapore Landlords!

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I have been living in this condo for about 3 and half years with my sister, and I have another 7 months to go on my lease ( we just renewed it in August). My sister has moved out and considering the current market situation, I can’t afford to pay the exorbitant amount of rent every month. So, I decided to move out and look for a new place.

My previous encounters with my landlords have been very nice, he usually is always smiling and understanding. So, I decided to call my landlord and ask what would be good enough compensation for him if I terminate the contract. He told me he will see my contract and get back to me, which sounds reasonable.

He called, the next day, to tell me that since I am terminating the contract, he will contact his lawyer and expects me to pay the rent till august even if I don’t live there. WTF!! I mean, does he not understand English??? I didn’t say I am terminating the contract, I said what are his conditions if I am to terminate. He wouldn’t listen to anything I say, I told him he is being un-reasonable and he said I might as well call him a rascal and he wouldn’t care.

So, for a week there were loads of email and phone call exchange and we finally decide to meet in person, wherein he agreed that if I find him a replacement on the same price, he would be fine. Err… that’s what I have been trying to say for a week!

Anyways, What I’ve learned from this experience is:

  1. Singaporeans (or at-least my landlord) are paranoid where money is concerned. They react first and then listen. Trust me when I say this, as Indians are quite crazy about money but definitely not this crazy! Although, it could be that my landlord don’t trust us…Hmm…
  2. Government favours landlords or that’s what most lawyers, agents and sites says.
  3. Always add an Exit Clause in your agreement before you sign your contract, because if you don’t have this you are totally dependent on your landlord, who has the legal right to be an ass.
  4. Meet in person – My landlord was so nice in person that I was shocked! He was so nasty on the phone and on emails that I thought when we will meet he will just be annoying but he actually was very nice. I am still amazed!

I am still looking for a replacement and if you are living in Singapore and looking for a 2 bedroom apartment till August’ 2009, drop me a comment with contact details. The place is quite nice, fully furnished with all the amenities and 5 mins from MRT.

December 2, 2008

Starting All Over Again

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I don’t know why, I always like the idea of new beginnings, a fresh start; I feel that if I start something new, I wont make the same mistakes. I usually don’t make the same mistakes again but I make some new ones, which I hate so much that I need to let go and start from somewhere else.

In this instance, I am talking about blogging. This, I believe, is my 4th blog. I have even forgotten the urls of my previous blogs. I was thinking of starting a new blog because I was kind of embarrassed by my this blog and I thought my new blog would be less lame than my old ones, with some direction and meaningful posts rather than just some silly average bitching. A blog with clever writing ( I cringe reading my previous posts and I would feel the same way about this one as well)

However, I was not able to think of a cool username and wordpress was not helping, everything I tried was taken! So, I have decided, this time round I will use this lame blog and continue to write lame post but with an opinion 😛

I am not a big blogger, most of the time I don’t have anything interesting to write. It might sound silly but the only reason I blog is because everyone is blogging and sometime I feel that I have something to say which noone would want to listen. The reason I started this particular blog was because I was/am still dating a Chinese kiwi guy, which is quite uncommon for an Indian woman, and I wanted someplace to vent anonymously and it worked for few months but then I got bored.

So, what would make this “fresh” start different? For once, I won’t write annonymously. I would write as ME. I would write everything that I believe in, that I care about and that I hate. Mainly:

  • Indian Politics
  • F1
  • My Boyfriend
  • My Work
  • Singapore  – that’s where I live
  • General Bitching

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