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April 15, 2008

My cute house

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April 14, 2008

I am bored

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I have no work; I mean I do but it’s not satisfactory. I have realized why I feel so frustrated, it’s not because I am not doing anything substantial but its because I am not really responsible for anything that I do, except maybe few stuff. Most of the days, as I have no work, I am being handed over stuff that needs to be finished and there is no resource available. I feel a bit of a failure, it’s really sad. I am smart and better than the shit that I am doing, so it’s really annoying that I am stuck here, but no worries, I have started the process of looking around, hopefully that turns out good.

April 7, 2008

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This one is tougher, you need to identify the cities and famous places too. It’s also integrated in Facebook – I don’t have a facebook account but my bf showed it to me.

Somehow, this stupid blog is not allowing me to upload any image or insert a div, so just going to paste the link – try it out it’s very nice


April 4, 2008

Explained: Sum of all numbers

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 I went to BetterExplained through one of Ray‘s links and its freaking awesome.

I just read an entry, which explains the following formula, not in 2 but 4 different ways.

Sum from 1 to n = 

I wish somebody had explained formulas like this to me in school, or I had bothered learning maths this way, I would have been a genius by now.  Thanks Ray & Thanks to Kalid Azad, for explaining it in such simple way!

April 2, 2008

“You are not allowed”

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Why are Indian parents so unreasonable? They give you everything and then act as the most controlling and conservative ppl in the world. They act as if I am their property and they own me in some way.

I told my mum I am planning to go on holiday with friends and she told me take Permission from my dad. That was freaking annoying but I just let it slide and told her that I will speak with him, she goes in her normal angry mode “what do you mean speak with him? Ask him” , Ok I will ask him. “But he will say no”, That got me so annoyed so I asked her is that because you will say no, and she says yes I “you guys don’t understand anything, there are reasons. You can only go if you go with us or after you get married”.

I know her reasons, so that she can tell the world that her daughter is perfect angle, and so that I can be married off to some overly-fat-totally-useless-very-ugly-guy who does no work and orders me around, who has to be Indian. She does it all the time, comes up with weird stuff, “Get a tattoo after you get married”, “You can make these kind of friends after you get married”. Its like my life will begin after I get married, till then they are gonna put me in a glass cage.

Is it really that important? Don’t I have a choice? I think this is another reason why I am off Indian guys. They are brought up with the expectation that your wife will do everything for you; you will have full control of her life; you can abuse her and she wont leave you; and you don’t even have to attempt to be nice, and after all that you will have the right to complain that your life is not what you expected it to be.

I am so freaking annoyed, I don’t know what to do!

April 1, 2008

Who am I?

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A)                                                                          B)


C)                                                                         D)


A) Eva L0ngoria  B) Halle Berry  C) Jessica Alba   D) Jennifer Aniston

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