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March 27, 2008

Spotting Commitment phobic Men

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There are so many websites that talks about how to spot if a guy has issues with commitment, and some of them are quite hilarious; Like this one – “ Don’t simply jump into a relationship with a guy. Pray about it. Is this the guy God wants you spending time with? Is this guy a Christian?

This one lists down 45 behaviors commitment phobic men may or may not display. such a shame that it does not say what is the minimum number to prove they are. I find #4,6,8,30,33 very familiar.

and this one is amazingly true – talks about pros and cons of dating younger and older men.

” CON: The older guy probably fears commitment. ” ; ” CON: The young guy ain’t looking for a wife. “

and best of all (in the funny way) – although I agree with men being weak

“The answer is simple. Men, even though they act tough on the outside, are really weak being when it comes to matters of heart. Men, more than any other creature, need companionship. They want their egos to be boosted when they feel good and to be soothed when it is bruised. They are scared of being lonely for the rest of their lives. Afraid they would be leaving this earth without a legacy behind. Men need wives because they know that only a wife can complete him. He needs that life partner, the responsibility and commitment towards her to make him a better being. But the most illogical and maybe the most important reason is love.

Anyways, interestingly I just figured out that one of my very very good friend (MALE) , who happens to be happily married, might be interested in this cute guy from work! Poor him, couldn’t even share out his feelings..


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  1. great article

    Comment by unnikuttan — May 20, 2008 @ 5:20 pm | Reply

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