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March 26, 2008

Last week

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..was very interesting, I met my bf’s grandparents; there was a huge communication barrier but I think they loved me! 😉 His grand-pa was being so nice, trying to joke with me and making me feel at ease.

I, too a certain extent, now understand why people say that cultural gap makes it a bit difficult; In Indian culture anyone above a certain age is supposed to be treated like King; rather with utmost respect, along with trying your best to keep them satisfied – as in you do all the work, think of their needs before they ask for it, try to be super nice to them and it changes to a great degree if those people are your possible future in-laws. You are to prove that you are the most humble, caring, beautiful, home-maker, home-keeper, gentle girl.

So, I think sub-consciously I kinda went in that mode, where all I did was smile like a retarded clown (as we couldn’t speak to each other) but it was not really required (or so I think) as his grands were really different, they were more relaxed, less formal, easy-going. It was an eye-opener. I was telling him that when/if he meets my relatives the story will be very different. Sigh, I will keep my fingers crossed! 😛


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