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March 28, 2008

OMG, she is so ugly!!

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Gosh, I am terrible! A colleague sent her baby’s pics and my only reaction was ‘ewww’ ; Every-time I look at her picture I shudder. Thankfully its a girl, there will be make-up and fashion (or plastic surgery) to change all that.


March 27, 2008

Why I never would want to live in India!

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I pride myself to be an Indian, at-least the cultural and historical part of it. I love how Hindu religion does not enforces anything on their followers – I don’t have to give up good things in life like Buddhist ( although I think thats mainly because of their interpretation ); My religion does not enforces me to follow a certain lifestyle/set of beliefs like Christians or Muslims. There might be cases when people go crazy over how a girl should behave and whats allowed or not, but I believe thats more because of many men and old grandmas want to be in control.

So, I hate the fact that I would not want to live there. Its not because of the pollution or how dirty every place is or how corrupted everyone is (and yes they are) or how many people are still so narrow-minded, but mainly because of the legal system. I keep reading stories after stories about brutality of Indian cops, and I am not only talking about the recent Goa incident; but also how its so freaking difficult to get justice in India. If a person commits a crime and by mistake the cops do their job, then for sure the legal system will allow them to remain free for at least a decade and then the case will be dropped; if you happen to be a famous celebrity then the public would want your freedom, even though you were connected to the terrorist group.

It gets even worse if a woman is raped, killed, or harassed, coz then not only one will be asked humiliating unnecessary questions but the society will end up blaming you and judging you as someone who deserved it. How can a country have such f*ed up legal system?

Actually, its not only the legal system, another would be Congress and their blind followers ( I am not saying other parties are any good, but this party set an example for more than 4 decades, obviously, there are going to be repercussions). Indian government is one example why no country should be allowed to have more than one generation running for election. The Gandhi family is praised by so many Indians and I still don’t understand why. Is it because they never did anything about the religious conflicts? ; because they created a society where a religion plays far more important role than justice? ( I am referring to that recent event in Lucknow where a student was beaten and prosecuted because he drew Hindu goddess painting ); coz they have managed to squander away so much money?; Coz, How Rahul Gandhi still want to continue with National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) even though only 5% (so i read somewhere) of the billions of Rupees invested is used for it and still gets praised?

Its a shame that a country which has so much potential, culture, values, humanity do not have the basic governance.

Spotting Commitment phobic Men

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There are so many websites that talks about how to spot if a guy has issues with commitment, and some of them are quite hilarious; Like this one – “ Don’t simply jump into a relationship with a guy. Pray about it. Is this the guy God wants you spending time with? Is this guy a Christian?

This one lists down 45 behaviors commitment phobic men may or may not display. such a shame that it does not say what is the minimum number to prove they are. I find #4,6,8,30,33 very familiar.

and this one is amazingly true – talks about pros and cons of dating younger and older men.

” CON: The older guy probably fears commitment. ” ; ” CON: The young guy ain’t looking for a wife. “

and best of all (in the funny way) – although I agree with men being weak

“The answer is simple. Men, even though they act tough on the outside, are really weak being when it comes to matters of heart. Men, more than any other creature, need companionship. They want their egos to be boosted when they feel good and to be soothed when it is bruised. They are scared of being lonely for the rest of their lives. Afraid they would be leaving this earth without a legacy behind. Men need wives because they know that only a wife can complete him. He needs that life partner, the responsibility and commitment towards her to make him a better being. But the most illogical and maybe the most important reason is love.

Anyways, interestingly I just figured out that one of my very very good friend (MALE) , who happens to be happily married, might be interested in this cute guy from work! Poor him, couldn’t even share out his feelings..

To Delete or not to?

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I don’t know if I want to delete the previous post, ideally I should, I am very sure he will read it and then ask me why and what and I don’t really have a reply to that. So, wondering what to do…….

Update: Deleted it 😛

March 26, 2008

Last week

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..was very interesting, I met my bf’s grandparents; there was a huge communication barrier but I think they loved me! 😉 His grand-pa was being so nice, trying to joke with me and making me feel at ease.

I, too a certain extent, now understand why people say that cultural gap makes it a bit difficult; In Indian culture anyone above a certain age is supposed to be treated like King; rather with utmost respect, along with trying your best to keep them satisfied – as in you do all the work, think of their needs before they ask for it, try to be super nice to them and it changes to a great degree if those people are your possible future in-laws. You are to prove that you are the most humble, caring, beautiful, home-maker, home-keeper, gentle girl.

So, I think sub-consciously I kinda went in that mode, where all I did was smile like a retarded clown (as we couldn’t speak to each other) but it was not really required (or so I think) as his grands were really different, they were more relaxed, less formal, easy-going. It was an eye-opener. I was telling him that when/if he meets my relatives the story will be very different. Sigh, I will keep my fingers crossed! 😛

March 14, 2008


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Seems like more and more celebs have started looking like Aliens! Big Head, small Body! Or maybe I am talking crap as I am starving.. time for food 😦


Early morning musing

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How to tell if you are the only one thinking what you are thinking? What if you are the only one wanting what you want? what if its just a pretence? How to tell?

March 13, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

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I love Calvin and Hobbes, makes me giggle every-time! I have collected almost all books published 🙂

Parents and Relationshiop

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If one is in a relationship, one should make sure that one is being respectful towards other’s parents. Even if parents are being illogical or even if they have believes you don’t agree with – one should still be respectful towards them; No matter what, coz its not about wrong or logic or being open-minded or them being silly, its about valuing and respecting their believes and their culture.

I wish one understands all this!

On another note, I have decided to go on a holiday, its been long overdue! 🙂

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