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January 28, 2008

Managing Emotions

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I have been told time and again that I need to manage my emotions and I agree. they are always running high! Off late, I am trying a lot harder tho, esp in Professional environment.

Recently, during my performance appraisal I was told that the reason why I am not getting a higher grade is because as I agreed I was a de-motivated 6 months back. hold your horses there! I was de-motivated yes! I wasn’t going out of my way to volunteer myself and do beyond my job! But i was performing. I was doing what was required and on top of that the next 5 months i was very good! So penalizing me for telling the truth and for being open was wrong; I feel that my managers used me to set an example. I don’t blame them they needed some naive honest girl like me, but my respect for them went down.

Nowadays I am comparatively less emotional, but I think its a long road….. (good luck to me!)


January 26, 2008

“Your Girlfriend”

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I don’t know if I am making too big a deal out of it, but I am very sad. Apparently bf hasn’t bothered to tell his mum my name. She refers to me as “your gf”. It would have been ok if he hadn’t been talking about future so often (everyday) . He raises my hopes up, I start dreaming about what my wedding is going to be like and suddenly out of the blue I find out that he is not even close to ready. He probably just say those stuff to make me happy (as it does make me happy). Its nothing but empty words. :`(

If next time he talks about kids, I will surely tell him off.

January 22, 2008

When is your big day?

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It seems like my life is now surrounded by something related to this. The guy at the coffee shop jokingly asked me that and a colleague of mine gave me lecture about how I am rushing my boyfriend into it.

I just wish I get it done with, so I can stop looking over my shoulder (constantly). Also, I think I am not rushing into anything. I think its time! I even know what sort of ring I want, what sort of wedding and I have narrowed down to 5 places for my honeymoon. Am I being hopeless?

Ooh, on another note, his grandparents are coming down in march to visit for a week or something. I am really exited and nervous of coz.  Also, I have decided to speak to his mum (finally) on Chinese new Year. Apparently, she don’t like me still….

January 7, 2008

I caved in!

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I promised myself I wont tell anyone [who i know] about this site, but I did. So, I have a message to that guy –

If you ever tell this to anyone (who i know too), i will put post your list here  😉

M I too Bossy?? Or is my BF very deep closeted Gay??

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I read this really funny post (True Boyfriend) – what a true boyfriend should do and shouldn’t do.

When she ignores you
[ act cute so she’ll notice you ]
When she steals your favorite hat
[ let her keep it]
When she doesn’t answer for a long time
[ reassure her that everything is ok ]

If the guy does any of that either he is a gay or real desperate! But I just realized My BF does many of that stuff, What do I infer from that:

  1. My BF is true Boyfriend
  2. I am those naggy annoying GF that forces their BF into a corner
  3. My BF is gay (a very deep closeted gay)

Not putting in desperate, coz i know for sure that he is not desperate 😛

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