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December 11, 2007

The other woman

Filed under: Relationship — Confused Desi @ 6:46 am

If you live in Singapore and have been surfing the net, you might have read the blog of this woman who complains about how his husband is cheating on her with some other woman from work. In the end the woman blames this other woman, as she “snatched” the guy away from her.

This got me thinking, as to why women always blame the other woman? Is it really necessary? I mean, seriously, the guy who promised to love you and protect should be the one kicked and blamed; Definitely not the woman. Well, she did something wrong but she is a stranger, she didn’t promise you anything. So why! Why is it that we always blame the other woman.

Until few weeks, I was so sure I would never do that, thats degrading. Now, I know I wont do it but I think the woman is to blame too. The reasons:

Disclaimer: The guy is doing the wrong thing, you are definitely gonna kill him but these are just justification as to why woman should not be spared either!  

  • Its easier to blame the woman – Its so hard to accept that your guy is cheating on you, and its even harder to accept that your judgment was not correct! If you can’t trust your own judgment, what can you?
  • All women have an unspoken pact – This is my personal belief. Guys tend to do stuff which is risky and which they think they can get away with. I am not saying all of them, just some of them – its the thrill of the thing. Somehow, thats even more derogatory but my point is, the woman know! They wouldn’t want this to happen to her ever, so she should never subject this to any other woman! If you know the guy is attached/ married/ dedicated, you should not go out of your way to find love/lust there.

I was out with my friend, who told me that this other friend (girl) of my boyfriend told her that she don’t mind dating my boyfriend and that I am nothing to my boyfriend! Thats so retarded, you do not have the right to judge what I am to my boyfriend and you cant imply that you wanna date my boyfriend AFTER you keep calling him your sister. This is the same woman my bf’s mum think is better suited (and my bf went and told her). I am still freaking annoyed about this. I am even mad at my bf (not showing to him as this is clearly not his fault) but also at that b*tch! I wish my bf stops talking to her – they work in the same building and they are very friendly.
The woman was insulting to me and you go have lunch with her – after i told you what she said! I don’t know if i should be mad about this …….


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