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December 10, 2007


Filed under: Relationship — Confused Desi @ 9:09 am

I mentioned that I had a reluctance period, before I started dating my boyfriend – that was of about 3 months. During this period we were dating and me telling him that I am not interested, making out and then I tell him I am not interested; I had my reasons, obviously! So, I am not at fault.

Did I mention, today marks the 6th month since we have been together. Well I called him up, as he is in NZ – visiting family, and he says “We will be together for another 6 months at least” Wtf!!!! “at least???” He can’t say something like that to me, over the phone, when we wont be seeing each other for 3 weeks and when I am going to meet my sister who is going to convince me to marry some Indian guy, and give me lecture over how Indians are better [that will be complete torture].. No Sir, he don’t consider all that! He goes away and say something horrible and stupid.. Over the phone!!!

I think I know why he is torturing me, keeping me hanging – dangling,  on my toes, not knowing if he wants to settle down or not – It’s KARMA! I tortured him for 3+5 mths. So, he is gonna torture me for 8 mths atleast! or maybe double (coz it always comes back increased???) Sigh!

I think I will die out of curiosity and frustration by then… Please hurry up!


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